Bathrooms …

We offer a complete design,  supply and installation service for your new bath or shower room, including all goods, plumbing and tiling. We can remove existing dividing walls and doors, creating a more open space if required. Walk in showers and wet-rooms make for easy access and showering experience. we also offer an excellent supply only service.

All plumbing is completed with copper welded joints, as opposed to plastic push fit fittings. With such a wide range of suppliers and design options we are sure we will be able to create the perfect new bath or shower room for you,  incorporating the latest  or traditional of designs.

Below we have outlined some of the options that are available for todays modern bathrooms. Should you have questions in relation to sizes and options, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01903 501796 or via our enquiry form with your requirements.


Standard baths

Standard shaped baths are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, which normally offer a good relaxing position and grabs.  
Shower baths
Shower baths are designed to offer a good showering area within the the bath itself. Usually with a non slip area, and come either with a square of P shaped showering area, with a dedicated screen over.
Free standing baths
Free standing baths come in a wide range of styles, and options, from ultra modern, to more traditional slipper baths with feet.


Shower Enclosures:


Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures
Quadrant and offset quadrant showers are great when a wall to wall option is not available. The offset quadrants unlike standard quadrant with equal sides, have differing lengths and cater for optimizing the showering area.
Wet Room Enclosures

Wet rooms are very convenient for easy access to your showering area, with no doors, you are able to just walk in.  Wet room showers are normally installed within a suspended floor situation, and have the option of either no glass, or a single sheet to contain the water.   The tray is recessed within the floor, keeping the floor at one level.
Hinged Shower enclosures
Hinged, pivot, or bi-fold doors offer the greatest opening size for a doored enclosure. But can limit the options within your bathroom, as the doors open outwards, half way, or as a concertina.


Digital & Electric
Digital showers are very versatile as they can be fitted in a variety of locations and offer the force of a pumped shower without taking up the space. They are very sleek and minimal in design and usually can be operated on a remote controlled switch.
Concealed & Exposed
Concealed and exposed valves are normally thermostatically controlled allowing for a safe, convenient, and controlled operating temperature. Exposed valved are externally mounted on the wall, as opposed to a recessed valve which is embedded within the wall cavity
2-3 way Diverters
Two and three way diverters are used to allow for an additional shower head, bath filler or body jets. When using the shower valve one dial is for the on/off, one for the temperature, and the third to divert the water to the additional source.


Semi recessed Basins

Semi recessed basin are used with fitted furniture, limiting the projection into a room by incorporating half of the basin within the furniture itself. Sat on basin are also used on furniture but are normally fitted on deeper furniture.

Pedestal basins
Pedestal basin are the free standing option, and come either as a full length pedestal to the floor or a semi pedestal, which is fitted to the wall and offers a more minimalist option, and also easier access should you prefer to sit nearer the basin.
Back to wall & Close Coupled WC’s
Todays WC’s come in a variety of options for todays bathrooms and cloakrooms. Either Back to wall, or wall mounted for fitted furniture, or a standard close-coupled WC with the waste to the floor or out of the wall. Most modern toilet seats now come with a soft close option.


Basins TapsBasin taps come in a variety  options, either as separate individual hot and cold taps, or as a modern mono single tap. Available in gold & chrome and sometimes a selection of finishes, ie black, white, brushed steel and gold. Some modern taps even come with LED light indicator, changing colour from blue to red with the increase of heat.
Bath Taps & Fillers

Bath taps and fillers come in a variety  options, either as separate individual hot and cold taps, or as a modern mono bath filler or a bath shower mixer, allowing for a diversion to a shower riser rail and head. Using a two or three way diverter a bath filler / overflow can be installed on a bath, eliminating the need for taps altogether as illustrated.

Bathroom accessories

To complete an en-suite, bathroom or cloakroom, we offer a wide range of quality chrome plated brass accessories. Ensuring that the items are chrome or gold plated on brass ensure may years of use without rusting or deterioration. Our accessories come with a 12 year guarantee.